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Impakt was established in Rawicz in 1997. In 1999 the Poznań branch was set up and in 2002 changed its legal status and became Impakt Ltd. In 2015 Impakt turned into the Joint-Stock Company. At first, it mainly dealt with the distribution of applications, educational programs and computer games. Along with the development of the company and the spread of the distribution net, the new assortment was introduced – computer accessories and data-storage devices. Distribution contracts were quickly signed with leading Polish suppliers.

As the reaction to the market changes after Poland’s accession to the EU, Impakt started to import products of world-famous producers and to promote our own brands. In addition to this, we possess the status of the distributor of several large, multinational corporations that have their branches in Poland.

The next step towards the development of the company was the introduction of the Internet system of the customer service eTrade. Today, among our customers there are hundreds of computer, audio -video and stationery companies from all over Poland and up to twenty leading distributors of software and hardware. Impakt has been developing ambitiously but stably, each year increasing its turnover, profits, staff and assets.



Impakt JSC specializes mainly in wholesaling on the IT market in the department of accessories and “light” computer hardware, accessories for gamers, network accesories, data-storage devices etc. Today, the company has over 20 years of experience in the market. It’s customers include hundreds of computer companies in Poland and several leading distributors of computer equipment. We are a leading supplier of gaming accessories in Poland and distributor of major gaming brands such as: Mad Catz, Saitek, Tritton, CM Storm, Cooler Master, SteelSeries, Roccat, Speedlink, Zalman etc.


Our most important aim in business is to guarantee that our customers will be served as well as possible, that their needs and their customers’ needs will be fulfilled with respect to the quality and assortment that we offer, and, finally, to create partnership with our trading partners.

We do not have either the ambition or the need to be the largest company in the trade; we do not need to achieve the biggest turnover; we do not wish to sell the most goods. Our ambition is to create a company which is efficient, honest and stable, despite any obstacles. We want to be flexible and able to adjust our offers to each partner. Out advantage are young, creative people, devoted to the benefit of the company, as well as their high level of professional competence. The development of Impakt is to guarantee even better standards of customer service, better offers to our trading partners and better working conditions within our company.



"We’re going in the same direction" - We consider our customers to be professionals who know what the best is for themselves. We are also like that so we are achieving our common aims together. Impakt as a company on the way to success – we want you to join us.



We offer products which are in accord with the specificity of our local market IT. We focus on the quality, not forgetting about the dominant price on the Polish market. Joining these two, apparently contradictory concepts, we have conceived the offer that has perfectly gratified our customers’ expectations. You can watch the offered line of products and brands in the catalogue of products and producers.


What we give and what we expect

To our customers we offer:

  1. a wide assortment of goods,
  2. lower prices than the competition can offer,
  3. professional service,
  4. partnership,
  5. credit facilities,
  6. the Internet system of the customer service eTrade,
  7. marketing support,
  8. promotions.

From our trading partners we expect to respect due dates of payment.

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